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Ethan Babicz

Ethan Babicz, staff writer

Ethan Babicz is a staff writer and this is his first year on the team. He has never broken a bone in his entire life; in his free time, he likes to watch football or baseball games (mainly Bears and Cubs respectively) and play video games like "Minecraft" or "Grand Theft Auto V."
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Monsters of the Midway: Issue #4

By Ethan Babicz
April 24, 2020

As the baseball season was in the midst of spring training and football was preparing for the upcoming draft, the Coronavirus pandemic struck all sports...

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Delve into the murder and madness of “Tiger King”

By Ethan Babicz
April 14, 2020

Way out in the small town of Wynnewood, Oklahoma, there once was a zoo that housed exotic animals from around the world and allowed people from far and...

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Monsters of the Midway: Issue #3

By Ethan Babicz
February 20, 2020

As the season changes in Chicago, one team goes into hibernation and the other awakes in hopes of a better season. The Bears’ lackluster season finished...

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How tough should seniors make their schedules?

By Ethan Babicz
February 10, 2020

As senior Ari Saez looked at her class registration page, a smile crept across her face. Her senior year schedule was complete, and it was perfect. Some...

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Monsters of the Midway: Issue #2

By Ethan Babicz
November 21, 2019

Over the past couple of months, there have been a plethora of developments for Chicago sports teams such as the Bears and Cubs. The Cubs have finally addressed...

Creepy crawlers in the locker room

Creepy crawlers in the locker room

By Ethan Babicz
November 18, 2019

As sophomore Matt Racila entered the central locker room to get changed for gym class, he encountered a nasty scene. A lone granola bar sat in the middle...

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Monsters of the Midway: Issue #1

By Ethan Babicz
October 13, 2019

Chicago sports are a mixed bag at the moment. On one hand, the Bears are strong in the NFC North, National Football Conference, with a 3-2 record and a...

E. Babicz

Raiders bring the heat on a frigid Homecoming night

By Ethan Babicz
October 12, 2019

The grey-layered clouds raced across the sky, bringing with it the whipping wind that sent a chill through everyone at the game. The football players,...

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