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Logic “brings it back” with “Bobby Tarantino II”

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After two years of teasing on social media, Logic is back with another album, and it’s fire. Influenced by Quentin Tarantino’s films, it’s the sequel to his fourth studio album.

Releasing “Bobby Tarantino II” on Friday, March 9, fans had high expectations, and Logic delivered. With the same flow as seen on every other record, “Bobby Tarantino II” is the second half of a story told on 2016’s “Bobby Tarantino.”

Still, with a movie soundtrack theme, the 2016 release has fewer ATL rap hits; developing the record around a troubled childhood and drug problems in South America, expressed on “Wrists,” lead to one occasional banger, but nothing excessive. “The Jam” and “Flexicution” on the 2016 album compensate, but “Bobby Tarantino II” makes up for lost time.

Halfway through the new tracklist, “Yuck” graced my ears. As Rick and Morty say on the beginning track “Grandpa’s Space Ship,” they wanted an album of intertwined Mixtape Logic and album Logic. With a plethora of music, we all needed a break from Sentimental Logic.

The in-between track is “Overnight;” with ATL beats, the lyrics differentiate the song from a club banger and voice of reason. Following is “Contra,” and from there and on are club bangers, a drastic, ideal change for Logic.

The last half of the album starts off with a 20-year rewind. “Warm It Up” is a ‘90s dream; a hip-hop base, quick flow, and moderate beats per minute. Addressing his childhood in the trap with a mix of controversial topics, this is a traditional route for Logic; making a statement is what he aims for, and he always achieves it.

Logic never puts out a bad tune; his appreciation for the fans and music is scarce among the music industry, and it’s nice to see “Bobby Tarantino II” keeps humbleness lively. Inspiration keeps Logic thriving, an uncommon quality.

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