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Indie takes a turn with new Two Door Cinema Club release
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Disco is coming back… kind of.

After a long four years, Irish indie rock band Two Door Cinema Club is back, and this new record is so good. I really was not expecting them to come back with such a bang and new sound. That sound being disco.

With the old becoming the new, old music trends are rubbing off on popular artists. One in particular that stands out is disco among indie-pop artists.

Starting two years ago with indie duo Cherub, it has become consistent in newer tunes. Cherub’s song “Disco Sh*t” on “The Year of the Caprese” is a perfect example, leading and ending with disco roots. It has continued onto Joywave’s 2015 album, “How Do You Feel Now?” and The 1975’s newest work as well.

On Oct. 14, “Gameshow” was released from Two Door Cinema Club. Those guys have made some drastic changes. Some of their new stuff sounds like it came out of a ‘80s teen movie.

One of the best tracks, “Bad Decisions,” sounds just like that. With their usual light guitar symphonies, there are hints of an older era. There is a certain mood affiliated with a song like it.

You know in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” when Ferris is on top of the world when he successfully escapes the daily tortures of math and early hours of boredom? Yeah, that song gives you that feeling. The hints of ‘80s influenced synthesizer makes each song the way it is.

The album carries on with the same pattern. The only songs that were a miss were the slower ones. Every album prior to now only had catchy, feel good tunes. Now they’re trying to throw heart throbbing ballads into the mix and it isn’t working.

“Invincible” and “Good Morning” don’t do it for me. “Good Morning” picks us up towards the end, but it mainly drags. Upbeat tones would have made a difference.

This album is definitely a 10/10. 2016 has been a good year for music so far.


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