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With perfect flip form, a sophomore kid fell from the top of the East Gym and face planted onto the wood flooring. With a 10 second video going viral, this topic has gotten out of hand. On May 12, the whole Huntley community was disrupted by the unintelligent act of a high schooler.

The video is painful to watch. You have this kid doing a flip off the top of the East Gym’s doors and almost landing it. And because people love seeing others in pain, within 15 minutes of sophomore Amy Madden posting it on Twitter, the video had close to 400 retweets. It was then soon taken down. It soon led to students making memes and other versions of the original video.

“At first it was a bit funny, then it got annoying,” said sophomore Mya Saucedo. “I think it’s stupid because everyone falls. He could have seriously gotten injured.”

That’s another thing. If he fell a little bit harder or on a slightly different angle, he could of broken his neck. By then his parents could sue the school and the chaos would become even greater. This isn’t something someone wants to be well known for. How would you feel if your humiliation went viral?

“[People are] giving him attention that he probably doesn’t want,” said Saucedo. “They are asking him to do flips in the hallway and are laughing at his pain. It isn’t cool.”

The whole situation is a mess. Friends of this guy, Madden, and others were called down to their dean’s office.

“The only way I didn’t get suspended was by deleting the video in my phone in front of administration.” said sophomore Sal Sciascia. Sciascia, along with the rest of Huntley High, have this video saved and are still sharing it.

Twitter post from L. Eliscu
Twitter post from L. Eliscu

This is so annoying. I agree with Saucedo. To one who witnessed it in person, it was hilarious. But the one thing the internet does best is overuse a word or topic. Luckily he is okay and only suffers from a contusion. In the end, be careful what you do and who do you it with. Don’t promote immature behavior because it can come in hurt you in the end.

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