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The true story behind Annabelle

The true story behind Annabelle

Join Jadyn to find out what actually inspired the "Annabelle" saga.
By Jadyn Sola
March 22, 2023

There are three “Annabelle” movies in the “Conjuring” franchise. These creepy movies featuring a demonic doll have grown in popularity over the...

Horror Hour: Episode 4

Horror Hour: Episode 4

Jaeden Capito reviews the 2012 movie “The Cabin in the Woods.”
By Jaeden Capito
March 3, 2023

“The Cabin in the Woods” is a horror and comedy movie that manages to become a satire of the entire horror genre that somewhat links most horror movies...

The Watcher consists of multiple letters written by an unknown source.

Fright Features

Join Jadyn as she talks about the origins of the "The Watcher" on Netflix.
By Jadyn Sola
January 26, 2023

Netflix’s “The Watcher” lured fans in with its unsettling story and mysterious letters, and it really kept viewers guessing. What makes the series...

Horror Hour: Blog 1

Horror Hour: Blog 1

Jaeden Capito reviews the 1999 remake of “House on Haunted Hill”
By Jaeden Capito
October 12, 2022

Mystery, jumpscares, and blood are all big parts of Horror movies, and William Malone’s “House on Haunted Hill” remake is no different. Starring...

“Hocus Pocus 2” brings back the magic

“Hocus Pocus 2” brings back the magic

The Sanderson sisters return in Disney’s newest film
By Jadyn Sola
October 6, 2022

The Sanderson sisters make a comeback in Disney’s newest sequel, which was released on Disney+ on Sept. 30. This fantasy film brings back a wave of nostalgia,...

Paramounts new film Smile, released on Sept. 30, leaves viewers frightened.

“Smile” is contagious

Paramount’s new psychological horror film will leave you frightened, yet intrigued.
By Maya Hiermann
October 1, 2022

The whiff of buttery popcorn trailing throughout the theater. The suspense building up as you listen to the eerie soundtrack. Your sweaty palms clutching...

True Stories stars Kevin Hart, a famous comedian. (Courtesy of Robert Egbert)

“True Story” shocks watchers

New TV series blends drama and comedy in an interesting new way
By Luma Acevedo
November 29, 2021

True Story is a remarkable series. When a pit stop on a comedy show tour becomes “life or death,” the characters are faced with the harsh reality of...

Courtesy of Wikipedia

“A Quiet Place Part II” is worth the wait

By Alex Hartleb
May 29, 2021

The Abbot family lives in a world where a simple sound can determine whether they live or are hunted down by extraterrestrial monsters with heightened...

Courtesy of IMDb

Asylum horror movie shocks and scares

By Riyana Walker
November 19, 2020

The "Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales" film is filled with constant seat-clenching fear. There is no telling what is to come next. Film directors...

Courtesy of Netflix

“Cadaver” review

By Brandon Smalley, Staff Writer
October 24, 2020

It is Halloween time, and with it comes the classic horror movies of the ages. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street; all of...

Courtesy of The Boy official site

Brahms: more than a doll

By Kimberlynn Bjurstrom
February 23, 2020

The house is dark and silent until loud noises awaken Liza, played by Katie Holmes, who, believing her son is downstairs, wanders through the dark to investigate....

Courtesy of A24 Films

Head in the Horror: Ari Aster’s “Hereditary”

By Kate Rogala
December 26, 2019

Ari Aster’s 2018 horror film “Hereditary” felt like a slow burn kind of movie. Some may have liked it and others not so much. From a glance it may...

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