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Grab That Popcorn: Episode 4

Grab That Popcorn: Episode 4

Photographer Lily Cascone reviews the romantic comedy show "How I Met Your Mother."
By Lilly Cascone
April 11, 2024

"How I Met Your Mother," made in 2005, officially came to our television screens. The main character Ted Mosby told his two kids the story of how he met...

John Mulaney performing his new comedy show, Baby J.

The brand new ‘Baby J’

Comedian John Mulaney brings a more authentic and powerful character in new Netflix stand-up
By Chase Keller
April 27, 2023

Symphony Hall’s royal backdrop gradually fades into frame as John Mulaney begins his stand-up comedy show. Nearly five years after the previous special,...

Cocaine Bear is based on the real story of a black bear that ate a brick of cocaine and later died after spending hours rampaging the forest high.

Lions, tigers, and a bear on cocaine?

The new action-packed thriller movie “Cocaine Bear” leaves the audience with both humorous and disgusted feelings
By Daniel Przybylko
February 25, 2023

In 1985, Andrew Thornton, a convicted drug smuggler, was flying over the southeastern US from Colombia carrying 400 kilograms of cocaine, roughly 880 pounds....

Main characters Jessi Glaser, played by Jessi Klein, and Connie the Hormone Monstress, played by Maya Rudolph.

“Big Mouth” brings back the entertainment to Netflix

Andrew Glouberman and his friends return in the newest season.
By Grace LaLiberty
October 31, 2022

Andrew Glouberman and all of his friends return for the sixth season on Netflix, which launched on television on Oct. 28. This cartoon show comes back...

Actress Jennifer Lopez wows the audience with a stunning performance in the new movie Marry Me.

Say I do to “Marry Me”

Rom-com comes out in movie theaters and “Peacock" on Feb. 11
By Hunter Brown
February 12, 2022

With Valentine's Day around the corner, romance is in the air and in the movie theaters. “Marry Me” seems like another romance movie with comedy at...

The Scream movie franchise is famous for the iconic ghostface killer.

The scarily bad Scream movie

The new Scream reboot destroys the nostalgia of the original
By Ava Brancato
January 17, 2022

“Scream” is a classic 90s slasher-horror movie with plot twists that you would never imagine. It follows a serial killer in a ghostface mask who hunts...

True Stories stars Kevin Hart, a famous comedian. (Courtesy of Robert Egbert)

“True Story” shocks watchers

New TV series blends drama and comedy in an interesting new way
By Luma Acevedo
November 29, 2021

True Story is a remarkable series. When a pit stop on a comedy show tour becomes “life or death,” the characters are faced with the harsh reality of...

“The Opening Act” review

By Maggie Kirwin
October 17, 2020

If you have seen one entertainer-trying-to-make-it-big movie, you have seen them all. The entertainer quits their day job to pursue their lifelong...

What Up Dudes Episode 3

What Up Dudes Episode 3

By Brooke Hamann
February 3, 2020