Lions, tigers, and a bear on cocaine?

The new action-packed thriller movie “Cocaine Bear” leaves the audience with both humorous and disgusted feelings

Cocaine Bear is based on the real story of a black bear that ate a brick of cocaine and later died after spending hours rampaging the forest high.

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“Cocaine Bear” is based on the real story of a black bear that ate a brick of cocaine and later died after spending hours rampaging the forest high.

By Daniel Przybylko

In 1985, Andrew Thornton, a convicted drug smuggler, was flying over the southeastern US from Colombia carrying 400 kilograms of cocaine, roughly 880 pounds. After hearing that police were chasing after him, Thornton decided that his best course of action was not to change direction and lose them or even find a way to get off the grid but rather to dump around 10 duffel bags of cocaine, each around 40 kilograms, out of the plane. 

His master plan to hide the millions of dollars in drugs in the middle of nowhere would have worked flawlessly if he had not forgotten to open his parachute. Thornton was found dead in a driveway in Knoxville, Tennessee holding a bag of cocaine, with various other items. 

So where does a bear high on cocaine play into this? 

Roughly four months later, a black bear was found dead in Chattahoochee National Forest with around 4 grams of cocaine in its bloodstream. 

This true story is comical enough to humor many; however, the live-action adaption released on Feb. 24 amplifies the story’s comedy. “Cocaine Bear” director Elizabeth Banks decided she wanted to kick things up a notch. Rather than a peaceful 175-pound bear who died without any other casualties, why not have a raging carnivorous 500-pound black bear happen to stumble upon a diverse group of cops, criminals, and families that look like a nice snack. 

This hilarious action-packed thriller features many scenes that had myself and the audience dying of laughter and equally as many scenes that had myself and the audience looking away as fast as we could, hoping to forget all the blood and guts we just saw. 

For some who may not like gore, this movie is still enjoyable even though the producers used as much blood as they could. “Cocaine Bear” delivered exactly what many expected, a bear high on cocaine. 

With many films over the last decade or so, you get so many extra parts and lore that just are not enjoyable. This movie cuts out the hour of studying characters and story background needed to watch some movies

While many people find joy in studying, “Cocaine Bear” is a nice change of pace from that increasing trend. Very few people came into that movie knowing anything more than what the title had to offer and came out full of emotion, the only purpose a film has.

While people should watch this movie, they should also be warned. This movie is rated R for a reason. Do not make the mistake of walking in there without knowing the rating in advance. You will be entertained and you will also be disgusted by all the blood mentioned earlier. 

But in the end, isn’t the entertainment and surprise what makes a movie worth it?