“Big Mouth” brings back the entertainment to Netflix

Andrew Glouberman and his friends return in the newest season.



Main characters Jessi Glaser, played by Jessi Klein, and Connie the Hormone Monstress, played by Maya Rudolph.

By Grace LaLiberty

Andrew Glouberman and all of his friends return for the sixth season on Netflix, which launched on television on Oct. 28. This cartoon show comes back to bring humor and how they all stick together to help each other through life. 

The first episode of the season begins with Andrew’s father, Marty Glouberman, raging towards him about shoveling the white snow on the driveway while his whole family is gathering together for dinner. Andrew’s friends, Nick Kroll, Missy Foreman-Greenwald, Jay Bilzerian, Jessi Glaser, and Matthew MacDell all sing in sadness about how irritating it is to experience hormones during adolescence. 

Then, as the start of the season came to an end, Andrew was on his tablet video chatting with Bernie explaining his horrible situation of wobbling down the stairs in front of all of his friends. Despite all of this, he eventually felt a feeling of joy after Bernie told him how much she likes him. 

On the flip side, even with the entertainment viewers get from this show, it has a few downsides. Some people think it is childish to have “Big Mouth” as an animated cartoon, especially when it involves the topic of hormones. Also, viewers feel that this show is too similar to other animated comedies like “Family Guy” since they believe it could have had a different storyline that interests them. 

This show focuses on the topics of adolescence and maturing. Andrew and all of his friends created an interesting demonstration of what it feels like to grow up as a teenager. It still does really well bringing the same humor to viewers just like it did with the other five seasons of the show. 

As funny as the show is, the creators could have improved upon making it more appealing from the animation aspect to add more pleasure and engagement to the viewers. 

It is recommended to watch the first five seasons of the show before the sixth one for someone who has a deep interest in watching animated films that involve comedy. 

Overall, “Big Mouth” is a very entertaining and humorous show to watch on Netflix, even with those couple of downsides. With the importance of learning what it is like to grow up to become an adult over life, it does a good job of explaining the positive and negative perspectives that real teenagers may have on this. This show is open to teenagers and adults to enjoy entertainment along with learning real-life topics.