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Grab That Popcorn: Episode 4

Photographer Lily Cascone reviews the romantic comedy show “How I Met Your Mother.”

“How I Met Your Mother,” made in 2005, officially came to our television screens. The main character Ted Mosby told his two kids the story of how he met their mother. 

He always told his 3 best friends Marshall, Lily, and Barney that he was waiting for the right person so that he could get married at a younger age. Ted met Marshall and Lily in college at Wesleyan University. Marshall was Ted’s roommate and Lily was Marshall’s girlfriend when they suddenly met in the hallway; she was trying to find a different guy that she met at a party, but fell for Marshall instead. After that, living in New York with Marshall and Lily, he met Barney at the bar they go to every night called McClaren’s. 

One night when hanging out with Barney, they played the infamous game of “Have you met Ted?” at McClaren’s; Ted meets who he thinks is the love of his life, but it didn’t work out at the time. The woman’s name was Robin. She worked for the local news station reporting stupid stories that randomly happen in the city of New York. 

Before Ted met his wife, he dated almost half the city trying to find the woman that he was going to marry. Every Halloween he spent trying to find a woman dressed in a pumpkin costume. Eventually, he did, but it didn’t work out because it didn’t feel right. He spent all of New Year’s Eve going to eight different parties trying to have fun, but also just so Ted could find that one person. Not only did he spend holidays trying to find the woman of his dreams, but he even tried using a professional matchmaker, but sadly that didn’t work out either.

Later on, Barney proposed to Robin and she said yes. Barney found the perfect venue, got a band, and had their close friends and family attend this beautiful day of love. Ted was getting ready to move to Chicago because of a job offer he received before Barney and Robin got married. While waiting for the train, he saw a lady standing in the rain with the umbrella that he had lost when he was coincidentally dating her best friend. She was the bass guitarist in the band that Barney hired for their wedding.

A couple years go by, and Ted finally marries the woman he met at the train station: Tracy. They had two kids together and made the decision to get divorced soon after because they both wanted different things in life. He got to the end of his story and his kids told him that he should go tell Robin that he still loved her and he could see their relationship going somewhere, since Barney and Robin broke up a while ago because they didn’t see their relationship going anywhere else. 

The show ended with Ted outside of Robin’s apartment window, holding the blue french horn in his hands that she saw at the restaurant they went to on their very first date.

This was one of my favorite shows because it went through the ups and downs of life and dating in the real world. It is really funny and has so many great bits that you would only see in a television show.

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Lilly Cascone
Lilly Cascone, Photographer
Lilly Cascone is one of the photographers for The Voice and it is her first year on staff. Lilly is in color guard as a part of the marching band. She likes photography and hanging out with her friends.

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