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Join Jadyn as she talks about the origins of the “The Watcher” on Netflix.

The Watcher consists of multiple letters written by an unknown source.

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“The Watcher” consists of multiple letters written by an unknown source.

By Jadyn Sola

Netflix’s “The Watcher” lured fans in with its unsettling story and mysterious letters, and it really kept viewers guessing. What makes the series even more intriguing is that it was based on a true story. 

The true story behind “The Watcher” all started in Westfield, New Jersey in 2014. The Broaddus family bought what they thought was their dream home at 657 Boulevard. The family consisted of husband and wife David and Maria, as well as their three kids.

Soon after they moved in, they started on renovation work all over the house. That is when they started receiving disturbing letters from what seemed to be a stalker. The stalker called themselves the Watcher, and their letters included weird information about the “second coming” of the house, and how his father and grandfather had watched over the house before him. The letters get even creepier when the Watcher mentions personal things about the family, such as referring to their children by their names and even nicknames. The family received three letters.

The Broaddus family was afraid and worried. The information included in the letters about their family was information that would only be known by someone in or near the house. The family decided to seek help from the police. The police told them that it was most likely one of their neighbors and that they should keep the letters a secret.

After getting nowhere in their first search to discover who the Watcher really is, the family decided to hire a private detective to help them solve their case. This led to nowhere as well. 

In the end, the family ended up moving house and selling it for about $400,000 less than the amount they bought it for. They were never able to discover the identity of the Watcher. The family who moved in after reported that they never received any letters since moving in. 

Sometimes, what seems like a dream turns out to be a nightmare. Whenever you try to purchase a house, be sure to do your research on the house’s history, and look out for nosey neighbors.