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The Watcher consists of multiple letters written by an unknown source.

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Join Jadyn as she talks about the origins of the "The Watcher" on Netflix.
By Jadyn Sola
January 26, 2023

Netflix’s “The Watcher” lured fans in with its unsettling story and mysterious letters, and it really kept viewers guessing. What makes the series...

Released on Jan. 19, Netflix Original “That 90s Show” is taking viewers by storm.

“That 90s Show”: original or nostalgia?

“That 90s Show” the new Netflix spin off of “That 70s Show”
By Maria Loiseau
January 26, 2023

The original eight-season show from 1998, “That 70s Show,” inspired the new Netflix original “That 90s Show.” Following a similar storyline as...

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