“That 90s Show”: original or nostalgia?

“That 90s Show” the new Netflix spin off of “That 70s Show”



Released on Jan. 19, Netflix Original “That 90s Show” is taking viewers by storm.

By Maria Loiseau

The original eight-season show from 1998, “That 70s Show,” inspired the new Netflix original “That 90s Show.” Following a similar storyline as the original Leia Foreman, daughter of Eric and Donna, who Callie Haverda plays, visits the original Foreman house to visit her grandparents, Kitty and Red, once again played by Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp, for the 4th of July.

After hearing all of the stories from her parents’ childhood in that very house, and mainly their basement, she begs to spend the whole summer of 1995 there. After meeting one of her new neighbors Gwen, who is played by Ashley Aufderheide, she introduces Leia to her other friends, and the group bonds instantly.

The season follows Leia and five of her other friends she has made, how they decide to spend their summer in a seemingly boring town, and what problems they may have to face.

The main question many other critics have brought up is whether or not this is a good show, or if Netflix relies on the nostalgia longtime fans have for the original show. Many characters from the original show have already made a cameo in the first few episodes including Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Wilmer Valderrama, Tommy Chong, and more. 

This nostalgia technique has been seen in other spin-off shows which include “Fuller House” and “Girl Meets World,” where there are very similar storylines as the originals with guest appearances that leave people feeling like they are back in their glory days.

In general, this is a loveable show that can appeal to many with many things from the ‘90s references to the short 20 to 30-minute-long episodes. 

For viewers who are watching “That 90s Show” without any context to “That 70s Show,” it is a funny, blast from the past, Netflix original; however, for the people who have watched both, it is hard to spot many differences in the storyline or casting.