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Horror Hour: Episode 4

Horror Hour: Episode 4

Jaeden Capito reviews the 2012 movie “The Cabin in the Woods.”
By Jaeden Capito
March 3, 2023

“The Cabin in the Woods” is a horror and comedy movie that manages to become a satire of the entire horror genre that somewhat links most horror movies...

Horror Hour

Horror Hour

Jaeden Capito reviews the original “Saw” movie.
By Jaeden Capito
November 1, 2022

“Saw” movies are filled to the brim with gory traps, interesting characters, and lots of blood. This precedent it set with the original “Saw” movie...

Paramounts new film Smile, released on Sept. 30, leaves viewers frightened.

“Smile” is contagious

Paramount’s new psychological horror film will leave you frightened, yet intrigued.
By Maya Hiermann
October 1, 2022

The whiff of buttery popcorn trailing throughout the theater. The suspense building up as you listen to the eerie soundtrack. Your sweaty palms clutching...

D. Doyle

The Halloween House for the Hungry, 10.30.21

By Donovan Doyle
November 2, 2021

The Halloween House for the Hungry brings out many scares but even more food donations. All of the monetary and food donations will be given to the local...

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Huntley’s Haunted Trails

Huntley Park District holds event for families to celebrate Halloween
By Nikki Darnall
October 25, 2021

A cloudy black sky casted an ominous sheet over all who dared to stand outside. A line quickly formed with people bustling with anticipation. Families...

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Asylum horror movie shocks and scares

By Riyana Walker
November 19, 2020

The "Asylum: Twisted Horror and Fantasy Tales" film is filled with constant seat-clenching fear. There is no telling what is to come next. Film directors...

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Rebecca is a movie that will keep whispers in your ears.

By Brooke Helle
October 22, 2020

A woman who was nameless, a nobody hiding in the shadows. Working as a staffer for a snobby, rich woman named Van Hopper, she stumbled across the charming...

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“Rings” surpasses its low expectations

By Lucas Modzelewski
February 5, 2017

ings” is the newest sequel in what is now “The Ring” trilogy. When the American version of “The Ring” first came out, back in 2002, many claimed...

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