Rebecca is a movie that will keep whispers in your ears.

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

By Brooke Helle

A woman who was nameless, a nobody hiding in the shadows. Working as a staffer for a snobby, rich woman named Van Hopper, she stumbled across the charming Maxim de Winter. Quickly, the two fell in love but the whispers of a ghost echoed everywhere she went. 

“Rebecca,” they chanted. 

Turns out Maxim de Winter had a prior Mrs. de Winter; however, this one has passed away leaving her ghost and many thrilling mysteries behind. 

In order for the women to escape leaving Van Hopper to New York as her personal staff, Maxim proposes a marriage, making her now the second de Winter and no longer working as an overlooked employee.

“He’s only marrying you because he doesn’t want to go on living in that big old house with her ghost!” Van Hopper said in the film.

Not heeding Hopper’s warning, the new Mrs. de Winter moves into the rich, ancestral home, Manderley. Those ghost whispers from before only grew louder, itching at her eardrums. Mrs. Danvers, Rebecca’s closest confidant, and the housekeeper do not hold back when showing how she feels about an imposter living in the house of her beloved best friend. No one can replace the original, especially when her presence is still there. 

“She is here. Rebecca,” Danvers said to her.

Everyone remembers Rebecca as an absolute stallion. She feared nothing and no one and was a beautiful creature which made her unique. 

In the words of Danvers, “You’ll never replace her… He can’t love you because you’re not her.¨

A circle of masked faces traps the new and now frightened Mrs. de Winter at a ball chanting “Rebecca”. They slowly close in on her, continuing to chant the words of the woman they praise.

She even combs her hair with a comb engraved with an “R” and full of long black locks of hair. This is Rebecca’s comb. Rebecca’s husband. Her life.

“You’re not his wife,” Maxim’s grandmother shouts. “I want to see Rebecca.” 

If life could not get any worse, a trip to the nearby lake reveals a mystery involving the death of Rebecca. Jasper, a dog belonging to the first Mrs. de Winter, runs loose to the boathouse where a keeper’s son rambles about a ghost in the water. But the body of the ghost was, allegedly, already found miles away with her boat sunk into the deepness of the stale waters. There appear to be more secrets in the faint yet strong whispers of Rebecca and the enemies among the great de Winter legacy. 

“Rebecca” is a thrilling mystery with a shocking unraveling. Crossing over to the veil of the dead does not stop Rebecca from haunting Manderley. It seems, even in death, no one can escape her.