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Daytime Stories: The Queen Mary

Join floating editor Jadyn Sola learn about a new haunted place!
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Ranked in the Top 10 Most Haunted Places in the United States, The Queen Mary has become a popular attraction for anyone interested in the paranormal. Its long and dark history has caught the attention of many ghost hunters, and many people travel from across the world to see this spooky ship. 

Built on Sept. 26, 1934, The Queen Mary started off as a cruise ship. The ship was a huge success, and it was very popular among many famous people at the time. After World War II began, however, the cruises stopped and the ship was repurposed to carry troops across the ocean. 

During its life at sea, at least 49 people died on this ship. Now docked in Long beach, California, it is said that there are over 100 spirits living on The Queen Mary today. One eminent ghost is said to live inside the ship’s most haunted room, room B340. 

After a passenger passed away in this room, people have reported seeing a man standing at the foot of the bed pulling the covers off of those who sleep there. Others have reported seeing the lights and taps in the bathroom of the suite turn on, as well as knocking on the doors. The room was closed to guests for years, but recently it has been reopened for anyone looking for a fright. 

The swimming pool, salon, and boiler room also have spirits residing in them. There have been many reports of guests spotting children running around these areas. A man with blue overalls is also said to roam these parts of the boat, talking to guests before mysteriously vanishing. 

All throughout the ship, there have been reports of hearing knocking, screaming, and crying. There are spots on the ship where the temperature mysteriously drops, and lights start to flicker. 

Now a haunted attraction and hotel, The Queen Mary offers tours throughout the day and night, and you can even stay the night in one of the rooms. Whether or not you are interested in spirits and the paranormal, The Queen Mary is a very popular tourist attraction for everyone. 

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Jadyn Sola, Floating Editor
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