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Huntley’s loss of key bowlers costs win

Huntley reacts to a rough frame.

Thuds of bowling balls hitting the slick and shiny wood lanes echoed. Bowling pins rattled and hit the ground while sounds of shoes squeaking engulfed the sounds of the alley. Dim lights shown on the floor as the televisions displayed an animation of a bowling bowl walking and climbing onto a bowling ball rack. This sounds exactly like home to many of Huntley’s students, especially those on the school’s bowling team.

Unfortunately, Huntley High School fell short of the win as Woodstock defeated the Red Raiders at Bowl-Hi Lanes in Huntley.

Many of the members of Huntley’s bowling team believed this was a game that should have been won by the Raiders.

“If more varsity [bowlers were] here actually, we would’ve had the chance to win,” said junior Brett Giovacchini

According to Giovacchini, two key players on the varsity team were missing.

“One of our guys was out and the other one was getting punished for how he acted [prior to the meet],” said Giovacchini.

If these two bowlers were able to play, then the result could have been much different.

Some of the bowlers have interesting ways to prepare for the meets. One of the best bowlers on the team, sophomore Kevin Sieb, had an unique form of preparation.

“I goof around with my friends and try to have a good time to set a good mood in order to bowl good games,” said Sieb.

Giovacchini seems to have a different, more physical philosophy. He bowls, at least, three games a day and has special workout days he calls “Push-up Monday” and “Burpee Thursday.”

They both scored their highest in their third game. Giovacchini had a 205 while Sieb scored a 259.

The Huntley bowling team’s next meet is at the Rockford East Invite on Dec. 19.

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