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Snow Raiders celebrate senior night

The blue and orange expanse on the top of the hill at Alpine Valley (L. Modzelewski)

Junior Tyler Martin stands at the top of a hill at Alpine Valley. Before he slides his way down, he takes in the incredible view of the trees and the sky, and breathes in the air of the great outdoors. He watches the sun set over the blue and orange expanse in front of him, as the surprising lack of clouds gives him an eerie yet calming feeling of being absolutely alone.

But he is not alone.

The blue and orange expanse on the top of the hill at Alpine Valley (L. Modzelewski)
The blue and orange expanse on the top of the hill at Alpine Valley (L. Modzelewski)

He sees a friend and is suddenly reminded of where he is and what he is doing. He is a Snow Raider. He then proceeds to do only what comes natural and enjoyable to him. He slides down the hill on his snowboard.

This Thursday, the Snow Raiders celebrated and honored the seniors in the club with a special Senior Night trip. Gifts were given and it was a great time for everyone involved.

However, the seniors were not the only ones who had a fun and exciting night. Many students among different classes also shared and participated in the joy.

“The best part of today’s trip was learning how to do 180’s and hanging out with friends,” said Martin.

For some others, the Snow Raiders trips are more about perfecting and honing your skills than having a great night with your friends.

“I came to this trip because I want to be better than last time,” said junior Tyler Salgado.

According to Salgado, riding Switch, which is snowboarding in the opposite of your normal stance, really helps in improving his skills with the snowboard.

“Normally I have my left foot downhill. With Switch, my right foot is downhill,” said Salgado

While it was a special night for the senior Snow Raiders, it was still a normal trip to Alpine Valley, like any other. Although, there was a significant amount of the club missing, likely due to students wanting to relax over the long four-day weekend being given. However, for some like Martin and Salgado, snowboarding in Alpine Valley is the perfect way to relax and start the long weekend.

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