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Building a future in computer science


More than 28 hours, over $2,100, and a fair amount of learning and tinkering. It’s a lot for a high school student, but senior Chester Bischoffer does it all for the pure satisfaction of finishing something that he has worked so hard on and for so long: building his own computer.

It was not too long ago that Bischoffer began his new hobby. He completed constructing his first custom built PC only a few weeks ago. However, since this momentous moment, Bischoffer’s future plans for his life and career choice have been completely changed.

“After building the first computer, I’ve learned I like it a lot more than architecture, which I was planning to go into,” Bischoffer said. “Since then, I’ve learned I want to go into computer engineering with a background in computer science.”

What gives the senior such motivation and love for his projects is the excitement of getting a computer he built completely by himself to work as well as the ones created by the professionals and those who get paid for perfecting their craft.

“It’s really satisfying to put a ton of time and work into something complex and have it work out,” Bischoffer said.

Currently, he is making a tower of the computers he has built, simply because he just does not know what to do with them.

According to Bischoffer, it was no surprise that he fell in love with crafting computers so quickly.

“I’ve always had an interest in technology so it was just natural when I started building computers,” Bischoffer said.

He got lucky in finding his passion right before he got into college. Not everyone discovers what they love at such an opportune time. Bischoffer truly exemplifies how trying out different activities and hobbies can lead to a complete change in life choices.

If there is one thing everyone needs to do in life, it’s find what they truly love to do, and just like that, Bischoffer found his.

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