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The band warms up before their winter concert (N. Trzeciak).

Band’s plans to move forward

By Natalie Trzeciak
December 21, 2016

Band teacher Philip Carter was urging the band to play louder. Just one crescendo and the piece would be over. With a wave of his baton, he let the last...

Red Raiders show off their final formation (Courtesy of @TracyButlerABC7

HHS participates in annual ABC 7 Flyover

By Natalie Trzeciak
October 17, 2016

The sea of bodies gradually grows as the student body awaits its next instruction. The students are cold. They are tired. Yet, as the cameras begin rolling,...

Students enter the Parisian style Homecoming dance

HHS hosts annual Homecoming dance

By Natalie Trzeciak
October 6, 2016

he hallway was dressed up in delicate gold and yellow decorations that replicated famous monuments. The loud thumping of the bass was evident as a sea...

Photo courtesy of B. Bala

Playing in perfect pitch

By Natalie Trzeciak
May 23, 2016

e feels the soft vibration of the strings beneath his fingertips. His mind is focused on the music, on every changing chord. The atmosphere the audience...

Popular Washington DC tourist destination Capitol Hill (Photo courtsey

HHS hosts meeting for Presidential Inauguration trip

By Natalie Trzeciak
May 4, 2016

n April 20, at 7 p.m., students and parents gathered in the cafeteria eagerly awaiting the beginning of the meeting that would introduce them to the trip...

Foreign Language Week preparations go into action

Foreign Language Week preparations go into action

By Natalie Trzeciak
March 11, 2016

tudents flooded the hallways that were freshly decorated with colorful flags, signs, and t-shirts scattered on the walls. They slowly made their way towards...

District 158 BOE meeting commences

BOE discusses potential parking lot expansion at HHS

By Natalie Trzeciak
February 26, 2016

he District 158 Board of Education shuffled through the doorway and quickly took their seats as they awaited the arrival of the general public. After the...

HHS Bands participate in first Culvers Fundraiser

HHS Bands participate in first Culver’s Fundraiser

By Natalie Trzeciak
January 21, 2016

swirl of snowflakes and a harsh wind filled the air as customers sought refuge under the snow coated roof of Culver’s. They shook the snow off their...

Huntley bands present the annual Winter Band Concert

Huntley bands present the annual Winter Band Concert

By Natalie Trzeciak
December 3, 2015

oft chatter filled the auditorium as family and friends took their seats. Audience members flipped through their programs as a group of Santa Claus hats...

HHS Presents A Midsummer Nights Dream

HHS Presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By Natalie Trzeciak
November 15, 2015

hree chandeliers were suspended over a small, square stage. Dim lights, which were hung from a single tree, lit up the faces of the closely packed crowd....

Students involved in clubs and sports show off their Huntley pride at the annual Homecoming Parade.

HHS Annual Homecoming Parade Involves Community

By Natalie Trzeciak
October 2, 2015

n Wednesday, Sept. 30, parents and students of all ages took advantage of the fall weather while watching the annual Homecoming Parade. The parade,...

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