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One of many signs along Del Webb Boulevard that display the maximum speed limit of 35.

Speeders in Del Webb should not be tolerated

Officer Kevin Choklad and dean Chris Duncan reflect on bad driving behavior in Del Webb
By Megan Curry
October 3, 2022

As I step into my 2019 black Nissan Pathfinder, I close the door and press the button to start the ignition. I buckle my seat belt, connect my phone to...

District 158 BOE meeting commences

BOE discusses potential parking lot expansion at HHS

By Natalie Trzeciak
February 26, 2016

he District 158 Board of Education shuffled through the doorway and quickly took their seats as they awaited the arrival of the general public. After the...

Ribbon cut on Sun Citys new Fountain View Center

Ribbon cut on Sun City’s new Fountain View Center

By Yazmin Dominguez
January 21, 2012

On January 21,  a ribbon cutting ceremony was held by Del Webb’s Sun City initiating the grand opening of  its newly renovated building, The Fountain...

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