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HHS Bands participate in first Culver’s Fundraiser


A swirl of snowflakes and a harsh wind filled the air as customers sought refuge under the snow coated roof of Culver’s. They shook the snow off their boots and rushed inside to bring the feeling back to their fingers. The only thing more welcoming than the warmth was the smiling face of a Marching Band member.

On January 12, Huntley High School students and parents came together to raise funds for the band programs at their first Culver’s Fundraiser. The event lasted from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and featured the help of parents, fine arts students, and National Honor Society members.  

Parent volunteers and students had the opportunity to choose from different positions that included: opening doors, delivering food to those dining inside, and delivering food to those who chose to pull through the drive-through. Each hour-long shift included 10 students and a few parents for a total of four shifts.  

Band parents Gina Kugia and Cyndi Steif were the main planners of the event. After looking at other businesses such as Chili’s and McDonalds, Kugia and Steif came across Culver’s. Despite Culver’s packed schedule, they managed to seal a spot for an organization that really needed it.   

Members of HHS's Marching Band volunteered at Culver's
Members of HHS’s Marching Band volunteered at Culver’s

“The great thing about this fundraiser is that it will benefit all of the band programs,” said  Steif. “Culver’s has a special spot in their hearts for the band kids.”

Steif and Kugia quickly went to work trying their best to reach their goal of a maximum profit of $700 through various forms of advertisement. During those four hours, 15 percent of the profit would go towards the band programs. Customers also had the option of donating directly.

“[Culver’s] has really helped us through the whole process of planning,” said Kugia. “Richard, the manager here, was holding my hand through the entire process which we are extremely grateful for.”  

The night would not have been successful without the help of volunteers who faced the snowy weather conditions to lend a helping hand.   

“As a parent, I’m doing all that I can,” said volunteer Rita Bramly. “The band kids are such a special group of people that I’ve loved getting to know.”  

The profits raised at the fundraiser will go towards purchasing new instruments, music, and will help Marching Band compete in more competitions.   

“It’s really cool seeing everyone coming out to support us,” said band member Alejandra Fabila. “We work so hard, and we just want the opportunity to compete more.”

Profit was not the only goal of the fundraiser, as working provided an opportunity to bond with and welcome potential members. Volunteer Jill Cross’s daughter has the opportunity to be a member of the Marching Band as an 8th grader.   

“This has provided a great opportunity for me and my daughter to get closer with some of the band members,” said  Cross. “She’s so fortunate for being a part of such a welcoming group.”

Those involved in the band program hope to eventually hold annual fundraisers at Culver’s that could help fund more opportunities for the students in the future.

“This is a program that really needs support,” said Steif. “I hope what we did here today and what we do in the future can help get us to where we need to be.”

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