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Students and staff carefully drive on the roads in order to make it to school.

Snow More Tardies

Late Starts are implemented when weather conditions increase traffic.
By Brittney Burak
February 8, 2022

On winter mornings students do not just wake up to their alarms. They wake up to a muddy and gray unplowed layer of snow on the road and the thought of...

Make it to class on time, the clock is ticking.

Tardy policy has become too strict

Two tardies resulting in a lunch detention is not settling well with students
By Rae Habel
February 7, 2022

It is well known that Huntley High School has not been super lucky with a fast-moving student parking lot. The roads leading to the school are slammed...

How are students supposed to balance their busy lives?

Work Life Balance

How teenagers handle balancing work and life.
By Serafina Druetta
February 1, 2022

Within high school, teenagers are often torn between how to balance regular life and work. Between schoolwork, holding a job, family, and having a social...

Block schedule is better

Block schedule is better

The debate over whether the block schedule or eight period schedule is better.
By Shane McGuine
November 15, 2021

Most students wake up very early in the morning to get to school for their first period. Every day students have a schedule and know what they have to...

The Voice adds new schedule sharing feature

The Voice adds new schedule sharing feature

January 21, 2012

The Voice noticed that people were sharing their schedules online to see who is their classes for second semester. We noticed that it was hard to keep...

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