Work Life Balance

How teenagers handle balancing work and life.


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How are students supposed to balance their busy lives?

By Serafina Druetta

Within high school, teenagers are often torn between how to balance regular life and work. Between schoolwork, holding a job, family, and having a social life, it can all become very overwhelming to some teenagers. Others may not feel as overwhelmed. Teenagers are often left curious on what the best way to balance life’s challenges is. 

According to Delaney Hale, adjusting work schedules to fit around school schedules can be very helpful. 

“I took early release so I had more time to do homework before I go to work,” Hale said. “I set my availability for work to where I have time before and after work to work on homework so my grades stay the same.”. 

Senior Zach Leitzke agreed with this topic, and stated his own challenges balancing work and life. 

“Depending on your hours it definitely can push you to rush certain assignments, especially those due at 11:59p.m,” Leitzke said. “When you get off of work at 11 p.m, it’s really convenient but sometimes it rushes the quality of your work.”

Senior Charlotte Sveen has her own way of balancing work and life. She is able to bring her schoolwork to her job, which allows her to gain more leisure time later in the day.

“I can bring my homework to my job,” Sveen said. “I try to get things done before or after my shift if I can’t do it then.”

Allowing students to bring schoolwork onto the jobsite can make it easier for them to complete it within a timely fashion. 

Balancing work and school can be hard for some teenagers, but can also vary for others. Setting work schedules to specific times and getting schoolwork done in any free time that is allowed can help balance the challenges of work and life.