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Netflix blog: What to watch over Spring Break

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Spring break is approaching, (March 25 to 29) and for some people this means a glamorous and much-needed vacation to somewhere warm and distant. However, not everyone is so fortunate to get away and, like me, they are stuck at home wondering what they could do to pass the time. If they are even more like me they’ll immediately start binge-watching an entire show on Netflix. As a frequent binge-watcher, I have assembled a list of my top five shows to obsess over during spring break and they are the following:

1. Grey’s Anatomy: This 10 season medical drama has recently taken over my life. Leading lady Meredith Grey takes on the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital hoping to become a surgeon. She battles her share of inner demons, her troubled family, and her own urges to chase after the gorgeous neurosurgeon Derrick Sheppard. This show is an emotional rollercoaster and has deep, enjoyable plot lines and characters that are sure to entertain.

2. Friends: This 10 season sitcom about a group of six best friends in New York City in the ’90s is absolutely fantastic. It hits the high points and low points in life, and despite how cliche it sounds, really shows the true value of a close friendship. Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey tackle marriage, divorce, having kids, job promotions, getting fired and laid off, and even death together. Despite the sometimes serious themes of the show, it is comedic and very enjoyable.

3. Orange is the New Black:This two season prison drama is a whole new type of show, seeing that it is based on the book “Orange is the New Black” by Piper Kerman. It follows the story of Piper Chapman and her 15 month prison sentence for her involvement in a drug ring when she was in college. She encounters a variety of women in her sentence, facing racial tension, an underground business, drug trade, and even relationships. This show is biting and surprising at times, but it still has an overall humourous and enticing feel to it.

4. Gossip Girl: This six season teenage drama is one of my guilty pleasures. The concept of the show is often laughable, but it is totally addicting and entertaining. It centers around a group of rich, and immature teenagers attending a private school in New York City. They live out the rich fantasies we dreamed as children: going to an Ivy League college, dating someone insanely attractive, and having endless piles of money to do what we want. However, these teenagers are constantly pursued by Gossip Girl who exposes their darkest secrets, and the show is very exciting until the very end.

5. House of Cards: This two season, almost three season show, is a political drama centered around Democratic politician Frank Underwood (see Netflix Blog 4: House of Cards). It is filled with scandal, murder, backstabbing, blackmail, and tension which make every moment of the show lively and impossible to stop watching. The third season premieres on Netflix on Feb. 27.

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