How are juniors preparing for the SAT this year?

Courtesy of Flickr

Courtesy of Flickr

By Grace Helzer

Since the 8th grade, students have been reminded of the importance of the dreaded SAT test. You know, the one test that differentiates you from other students to catch your dream school’s eye. The one test that is arguably the most important test a high school student can and will ever take due to the fact that it genuinely can make or break your future college career. You know, that test.

For the past few months, Huntley High School juniors have been preparing for the stress-inducing SAT, and they have been preparing for the test in numerous ways.

Junior Ava Garifo has been going above and beyond to ensure that she will get a high score on this huge test.

“I went to SAT prep tutoring two days a week for two hours,” Garifo said. “Then, I did online practice for all four subjects.”

In addition, Garifo went to further SAT classes provided here at Huntley High School.

According to Garifo, tutoring has been very beneficial for her and her score.

“The place where I tutor at has helped me improve my score by three points so far,” Garifo said.

Fellow classmate Annalisa Stevens also studied vigorously.

“I took five practice SAT tests and studied using flash cards and other resources to help me practice,” Stevens said.

Stevens strongly suggests that her entire class studies hard for this test.

“I recommend studying. This is a test you really can’t wing. Whether it is websites to study from or vocab cards, you must study,” Stevens said.

According to both Garifo and Stevens, the pressure that students are put under in regards to taking the SAT is ridiculous.

“It is just unfair,” Garifo said.

“Your whole entire future should not depend on one test score, and that’s what this test is made out to feel like,” Stevens said.

Both students think that the SAT stresses many kids out which can affect their scores.

Garifo and Stevens have been working very hard to make sure they are as successful as they can
be on this test.

“I need to get a good score in order to get into my dream schools, so this test is a really big deal to me and my future education,” Garifo said.

Overall, both students think that studying for this test is extremely vital to a student’s general success. The pressure that students are put under when it comes to studying for the SAT can be viewed as ridiculous, but also can be beneficial to getting students motivated to really study as hard as they can.

Students must try their best on this test; it is essential for colleges to find students’ applications acceptable. Keeping in mind the stress that comes with this test, students also need to remember to take a deep breath and just relax! Do not overthink this, you got this HHS students!

Good luck to all Huntley High School students taking the SAT!