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This cup has nothing to do with hockey

New Stanley cups are taking over Huntley High School.
S. Wilson
The shelf of the variety of Stanley cups in a Dick’s Sporting Goods.

You are walking down the halls during a passing period with kids who are also trying to get to their next class on time. But you notice something, a lot of people are carrying around a big, bulky cup with a handle and a straw. Some come in bright or muted colors, some are big or small, and some come with a sleek look or a shiny texture. 

Stanley cups have taken over Huntley High School in the past few months, but a big question remains: are they really worth the hype?

“I have heard they are durable and keep drinks cold or warm, and from different people, I have heard that they are very reliable and useful,” sophomore Chloe Coffey said.

The target audience for these cups looks to be mostly the freshman and sophomore girls. 

“Almost all of my friends have one,” sophomore Olivia LaLiberty said. “Most of them got it because they are trending but also because of the aesthetically pleasing minimal colors.”

Even though most people who have these cups would have nothing bad to say about them, there are some downsides to them. 

“They spill all over the floors,” dance teacher Cadence Niccum said. 

They spill very easily. Most of the time in the locker rooms or classrooms, they are kicked over and leave a mess for the teachers to clean up. 

“They are expensive cups and people are not very responsible with them,” Niccum said. 

Stanley cups do not deserve the hype they are getting because there is nothing that sets them apart from any other insulated water bottle. For example, the water bottle that gained its popularity in 2019-2020: the Hydroflask. Students can get a water bottle that holds the same amount of water for roughly the same price, the same is to be said about the Yeti.

“The size is too big and you always have to carry them in your hand,” LaLiberty said. 

They take up a lot of space and they are really difficult to fit in a backpack. They may even become a safety hazard to the people who have them and even the people who don’t have them. This is because people mostly carry them in their hands and they aren’t able to do much until they put the cup down. 

They are also pretty heavy, so if they are dropped on someone or if someone gets hit by one, it can cause an injury. 

There is no shame in having one of these cups, but there is definitely a lot to think about before buying one.

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Sydney Wilson, Staff Writer
Sydney Wilson is a staff writer on The Voice, and this is her first year on staff. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, plays tennis, and listens to music. She likes just about anything associated with makeup and gymnastics.

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