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Minga is here to stay

Huntley High School is incorporating new programs within Minga.
K. Busky
Minga’s rewards program awarding points to students.

Introduced to Huntley High School’s community in 2023, Minga has been successful in electronically organizing student and school information. Ranging from hall passes to Prom tickets, this app has helped bring the community together and is continuing to do so. 

This year, a rewards program was added to Minga, Minga Points, to acknowledge and praise students for being involved in Red Raider culture. As a result, there are benefits to getting a certain number of Minga points. 

“Twenty-five points for a free ID replacement, or it could also give you a free drink or food item at the Raider Way Cafe; Fifty points, if students decide they’d rather keep building it, students will be able to cash that in for Red Raider gear, and we have the option of buying back five detention offers,” dean Chris Klein said. “The thought process is that you only get Minga points by doing positive things.”

As a newly appointed dean, Klein sees the future of the app looking bright. Things are just starting up for Minga and are only looking to grow.

“Soon enough, teachers will be able to reward minga points for the good behaviors in their classes,” Klein said. “For right now, it’s still in the works, but we have some things rolling, and eventually it’s going to be a school-wide thing that hopefully lives on for many years here at Huntley.”

Being on technology allows easy accessibility to these points, clearing up the confusion on the previous Raider Way Tickets that were used. Staff would reward students with these for good behavior, but students weren’t sure what to do with them. With these new Minga points, your account keeps track of this information for you.

“They’re better than the Raider Way tickets because it’s on your phone, so you won’t be able to lose them in your backpack or if you were to accidentally throw it away,” senior Colleen Rizzo said.

The reward system isn’t well known, yet students are looking forward to these new developments as they find out about them. Even though just a few small prizes are available now, greater things are in store.

“I like that when we go to school events, we get points like the football game, and if you get enough points for the cafe you can get something for free,” junior Brianna Kigongo said.

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Kaitlyn Busky, Floating Editor
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