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Attention Please, Our Daily News! Wait, where is it?

Where did all of the Huntley High School announcement emails go?
Calvin Mcfalls

Over the 2021-2022 school year, the students, staff, and parents were kept well informed about most events and daily activities during the day, week, and largely the whole year. When students and staff returned to school, this changed, but why? 

The large complaint from many staff and parents was a flood of incoming emails. The most common answers when asked about these emails were either “what emails? I don’t remember those emails” or “my inbox was overflowing with the same exact things every day.” A solution for this issue was brought forward when Jen Besch, a staff member located in the west pod and organizer of these emails, decided to change the format.

“We decided to make the change from daily to weekly emails because students and staff would rarely read them, and when they did they usually cleaned out their Gmail instead. We still post them, but not as wide-spread as before,” Jen said. 

The new location of the daily emails, or “announcements” as they were called, went through many different ideas of new locations, but it eventually settled where all other wide-spread media goes, the official Huntley High School website. 

“Nothing new changed with the announcements, [they have] more or less the same as before with athletic events, after school clubs and activities, and weekly news and updates. All that has changed is where to find it,” Jen said. 

For the staff at HHS, it was also a well noticed change. “People usually don’t listen to the announcements, so we got asked a lot about what was going on during the day when it was usually answered over the intercom,” Lisa Barron, a staff member at HHS said when asked about the change. “It made it feel like people would not even read them.”

And more than just the student’s emails who got cluttered with them, the staff also agreed the change helped with organizing the information.  

“It’s simpler, easier to understand and see, and makes it nicer for everyone’s inbox without the emails being daily.” Kandice Gidelski, another staff member said. 

So for those who were interested in where the daily emails are that went over any new RAD events, Leo’s Club invites, or what College and Career services were going on, do not worry. They are still daily, just not to be lost within the stream of teacher, student, staff, and emergency information.

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Calvin Mcfalls
Calvin Mcfalls, Staff Writer
Calvin McFalls is a senior staff writer of The Voice, and has been a part of the program for three years. A lot of his free time comes down to learning new things, working, and watching (or playing) video games. He will happily spend a whole day talking about Star Wars, or any topic that intrigues him.

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