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S. Hashmi
Varsity boys soccer challenges Dundee-Crown High School
Shannon Magura March 12, 2021

Looking out onto the soccer field, the setting is a little bit different this year than years before. A mix of winter and spring weather is in...

S. Baczewski
Girls basketball dominates Senior Night
Ally Panzloff March 6, 2021

The game was led by a heartfelt Senior Night for the seven senior players: Riyana Walker, Kendall Kirch, Kamsi Nwogu, Sara Rysavy, Raquel Radermacher,...

courtesy of Danielle Reyes
All-Star cheerleader Danielle Reyes stays motivated
Brenden Boyle, Staffer • February 25, 2021

During these unprecedented times, some students lose motivation in certain activities, sports, or hobbies. However, junior Danielle Reyes has...

Freshman Sophia Thompson speaks on her experiences with the Huntley cheer team
Freshman Sophia Thompson speaks on her experiences with the Huntley cheer team
Lauren Schmit, Staff Writer • February 23, 2021

Every high school student experiences the joys of attending their first football game. The overcrowded seats, the loud screaming of people of...

The life of a young hockey player
The life of a young hockey player
Nikki Darnall, Managing editor • February 9, 2021

As his team enters the rink, the cold air rushes past their bodies. They slide around the ice with perfect grace and control. They practice taking...

Snow Raider update
Snow Raider update
Jon Hani, Staff Writer • February 9, 2021

The Snow Raiders are a very active, driven club. Members usually drive out to a snowboarding lodge and hit the mountains together. However, COVID-19...

Finding fulfillment through dance
Finding fulfillment through dance
Arianna Joob, Social Media Editor • February 8, 2021

Waking up early on a brisk morning, going on the school bus, and driving to dance competitions is what many people on the dance team did prior...

Orchesis' "Shift": an artistic experience
Abby Panier January 30, 2021

As the lights dim and darkness envelops the Performing Arts Center, the excitement of the dancers is tangible. Music begins to float through...

Courtesy of Leah Toepfer
Gymnast Leah Toepfer nails the landing
Ellie Armstrong January 20, 2021

The fiberglass bar dips ever so slightly as freshman Leah Toepfer’s leather-gripped hands find it again. Her fingers wrap around the bar and...

Courtesy of Andrew Ressler
Andrew Ressler slides into varsity baseball
Zoe Emerson January 19, 2021

Making a high school varsity sports team is an achievement worth celebrating, even more so as a freshman. Andrew Ressler, currently a sophomore,...

Ethan Brown: Lacrosse
Ethan Brown: Lacrosse
Ally Berens, Floating Editor • January 3, 2021

The rubber ball is passed, being thrown from player to player. Each teammate runs down the field, getting closer and closer to the goal. One...

Photographed by G.Helzer
Girls basketball - What is going on?
Grace Helzer December 10, 2020

With the cancellation of sports because of COVID-19, disappointment in athletes is growing to be a more common theme. One of the most recent...

Photographed by B. Boyle
Life of a golf star
Brenden Boyle December 3, 2020

During summer vacation, most students spend their time swimming, hanging out with friends, and playing video games. On the other hand, junior...

Courtesy of IHSA
IHSA postpones basketball season
Shannon Magura November 17, 2020

As the weather turns colder, and the COVID-19 cases continue to increase, the chances of students at Huntley High School returning for school...

Courtesy of Maddie Donovan
Sophomore Maddie Donovan skates through COVID-19
Megan Curry November 13, 2020

As soon as you enter the ice rink at Leaf’s Ice Centre, you can feel the cool 60-degree air, and the closer you get to the ice, the colder...

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