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Paving the way with teamwork

Huntley boys varsity volleyball has a new team that works together for a season comeback.
E. Galicki
Players from Huntley boys varsity volleyball team observe their team compete against Boylan Catholic High School.

On Tuesday, April 30, the Huntley boys varsity volleyball team went up against Boylan Catholic in a close, point-to-point match. Despite losing 2-1 to Boylan last year, the team showed a strong sense of teamwork. A majority of the varsity team graduated in the last two years, leading to new players testing out their skills on the court.

The gymnasium fills with music while the boys practice their bumps, sets, kills, and strikes as the opposing team watches and takes the opposite side of the court. Practicing formations and vertical jumps are all part of the warm-up drill. In addition, the team goes over a game plan, works on serving just right, and meets the opposing team and referees before the game.

“We will see how it goes,” boys volleyball coach Gerard Marchand said. “Some seniors skipped out of practice yesterday since it was senior ditch day.”

After the whistles blow to initiate the game, Marchand huddles his boys together and provides support and assurance to the players on the game that is about to commence. As the players and audience finish singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the starting lineup is announced, the crowd cheers. and support is heard from the JV teams watching the varsity boys compete.

After a tough first set of the game, the score was 12-25 with Boylan winning the first set, and rounds of chants roaring throughout the gymnasium. A short break is initiated in between sets and Marchand gathers his players to discuss plans for the next set along with how to improve as a team.

“We are a fresh team,” senior Frank Frelas said. “It’s hard to learn each other on and off the court as well as how we will play together as a team.”

The last set of the game proved to be a small curve of confidence in the team as they did significantly better by communicating with each other and calling their balls. Even when a point was lost, the team still high-fived each other and boosted each other up again.

At the end of the game, the boys lost in a close match of 21-25. Even after a loss, the Huntley team celebrated their teamwork, consistency, and determination to become better on the court. The boys varsity volleyball team stands 3-23. They will face Illinois Math and Science Academy on May 2.

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Emily Galicki
Emily Galicki, Staff Writer
Emily Galicki is a first year staff writer. In her free time she paints, reads poetry, and runs track for Huntley High School. She loves anything associated with Harry Potter and Northern Illinois University.

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