Perhaps next time, Huntley

After losing 16-25 to Elgin Academy, Huntley boys varsity volleyball hopes to learn from past experiences and feedback to improve in their next game.



Boys volleyball makes a dedicated effort. (A. Le)

By Amanda Le

As the 2022-2023 school year is about to end, so does the boys varsity volleyball season.

On Thursday, May 4, the boys varsity volleyball team lost a vigorous match against Elgin Academy. With Thursday’s set ending at 16-25, the Huntley varsity team showed exemplary sportsmanship and virtue.

Many players on the team wished they had communicated with each other more often and received encouragement from their team members.

“Recently we have been losing,” sophomore Mathew Leith said. “We’ve been winning the first set, and then I think we either get cocky, or the team gains a lot of confidence.“

Communication and trust between teammates are essential for a successful team.

Senior Michael Przybylski hopes next year will be different as many seniors are leaving. He also hopes to reflect on his performance on the court to improve himself for the next game.

“I’m not happy,” Pryzbylski said. “Today my energy wasn’t there, but everyone else was there.”

Pryzbylski chooses to continue to believe that he can do better. He contemplates what he can do to make his next game better, just as the rest of the team should.

During practice, the team’s energy can be felt as junior Samantha Castañeda describes it. As a manager, it is frustrating for Castañeda to watch her team do so well during practice and not as well during the game. However, the audience and the school they are competing against would not be able to see their performances at practices.

The team’s energy is like a chain reaction. When a player sees another player give up, they follow.

“Once they mess up one time, they just give up on themselves,” Castañeda said.

Huntley was still playing, but without the support of their teammates on and off the court, it was difficult to find the motivation to persevere. It was this opportunity that allowed Elgin to regain its spirits and win both sets.

This match as well as the other matches should allow Huntley to grow and remain persistent in challenging times.

“I wish our subs talked more, encourage each other,” Leith said. “Even if they’re not playing, you can still have such a great influence on every player on the court.”

It is very interesting to note that both spectators and the team gave a lot of feedback after the match. 

Brandy Swanson and Gerald Marchand both co-coach the boys varsity volleyball team. It is expected that the team will be forced to work harder in practice as regionals are coming up in a few weeks.

“So no wins or losses matter from here on out besides getting ready for regionals,” Marchand said.

If Huntley wants to win, they will have to be more confident even though they might not be the best. Huntley can strive to be the best by focusing on their strengths and working hard to improve their weaknesses. They must stay determined and never give up, no matter what the score. With the right attitude and a lot of effort, Huntley can become a team to be reckoned with.