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J. Capito

Huntley Dance Out Cancer Event, 10.21.2022

By Jaeden Capito
October 25, 2022

Gym classes commemorate the life of Mrs. Heuck. The event raised money for breast cancer awareness along with the new scholarship in her name.

Killian became a physical education leader for underclassmen to look to as they enter high school.

Creating a Leader

Tyler Killian reflects on his years of high school and how he has grown.
By Bailey Lim
April 26, 2022

Passing through the years of his high school life, senior Tyler Killian grows and enjoys the process of maturing alongside his peers. Killian progresses...

Niccum dances her way to Huntley High School

Niccum dances her way to Huntley High School

By Jessy Gone
November 14, 2021

As the bell for fourth period rings, students rush through the hallways, dreading their next class. While most take their time, junior Olivia Schramm eagerly...

Courtesy of Collin Kalamatas

Teacher talk with Collin Kalamatas

By Kayla Sweeney
January 20, 2021

As most know, students have not been able to do in-person learning at Huntley High School this year. This has been incredibly difficult for students for...

A. Panier

Physical education teachers persevere through e-learning

By Abby Panier
October 6, 2020

Monday morning, the lights flicker on as she walks into her home gym. Surrounded by various exercise machines and equipment, she boots up her laptop and...

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