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Keeping It Kind: Episode 7

Join Maya and Katelyn as they spread positivity!
By Maya Hiermann and Katelyn Engling
March 21, 2024

Anne Price standing in her Math Team quarter-zip jacket.

Adding to Math Team’s leadership

Math Team coach Anne Price leads the team with positivity and strengthens her classes with different learning techniques.
By Anna Karpinski
December 6, 2023

Every Tuesday students get together for a Math Team meeting; the team meets once a week for a little over an hour. They separate by grade level and work...

The Huntley High School seniors at their last concert with directors Leah Novak and Jeff Rollins.

Orchestra teacher makes a mark on students

Jeff Rollins takes over teaching HHS orchestra classes.
By Megan Curry
April 29, 2022

Every morning, Jeff Rollins starts off his day in the music department, greeting his first and second hour classes and ready to start off a day of orchestra....

Courtesy of District 158

Educator and employee recognition

By Zaina Mohammed
May 20, 2021

For many years, employees at Huntley High School have been doing their part to maintain an involved community. This year, we want them to know their effort...

Courtesy of

Teacher Appreciation Week: gratitude for our mentors

By Austin Zenaty
May 9, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week is a week where students show support for their teachers and how thankful they are for them. Students may bring small gifts...

Courtesy of Collin Kalamatas

Teacher talk with Collin Kalamatas

By Kayla Sweeney
January 20, 2021

As most know, students have not been able to do in-person learning at Huntley High School this year. This has been incredibly difficult for students for...

Courtesy of Tamera Wyman

The Zoology Club continues to share exotic animals through Zoom.

By Jacey Sola, Staff Writer
December 18, 2020

The Zoology Club, sponsored by science teacher, Tamera Wyman, and Kathleen Henn, is still continuing to show and teach students about many exotic animals...

Courtesy of Naina Birdi

E-learning in the art department

By Zaina Mohammed
October 9, 2020

Sophomore Naina Birdi impatiently sat in front of her computer screen on Aug. 21 while her Zoom meeting was loading on the connecting page.  “How...

Bradley Aney: more than just a teacher

Bradley Aney: more than just a teacher

By Alex Hartleb
March 11, 2020

Arriving at Huntley High School back in 2009, social studies teacher Bradley Aney has had a major role in the school that, over time, has only gotten bigger...

One in 300: Getting to know our teachers

One in 300: Getting to know our teachers

By Emmy Cohen
September 28, 2019

As the bell rings and Maggie Fulling approaches her regular class, she says every single day, "Good morning!"As her class responds, a smile jumps across...

Lachel stands with fellow students (B. Walker)

Teacher’s We Love – Mr. Lachel

By Bry Walker
October 12, 2016

Huntley High School history department teacher Erik Lachel leaves a huge impact on many of his students, I interviewed him to find out more about this...

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