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The Voice

The Voice

L. Martil

Randall Oaks Winterfest, 12.16.23

By Ly Martil
December 19, 2023

Throughout December, families had the opportunity to visit the Randall Oaks Zoo to participate in festive activities. Though some days were rainy, visitors...

Jette waits patiently in the P-Z pod for students to visit her.

Having a ‘ruff’ day? Huntley’s therapy dogs have your back

Check out Huntley's downstairs pods for some animal support.
By Amelia Pozniak
November 10, 2021

You walk down the hallway after your fourthp eriod class. In the chaos of it all, you notice a medium-sized ball of fur sitting obediently in the P-Z pod,...


Donna Lewis, foster animal caregiver

By Rayne Zilch
March 16, 2021

Donna Lewis does not have an official job title when it comes to her work. She used to work for a rescue group; now she does animal rescue on her own....

Courtesy of Tamera Wyman

The Zoology Club continues to share exotic animals through Zoom.

By Jacey Sola, Staff Writer
December 18, 2020

The Zoology Club, sponsored by science teacher, Tamera Wyman, and Kathleen Henn, is still continuing to show and teach students about many exotic animals...

Huntley Mini-Zoo Day

Huntley Mini-Zoo Day

By Jacey Sola
October 12, 2020

On Oct 11, the Huntley Mini-Zoo Day event was hosted by A Zoo to You and Sew Hop’d Brewery in One Union Special Plaza, Huntley. A Zoo to You is a family...

Geraci and 3 of her 17 pets (E. Kindl).

Huntley’s very own zookeeper

By Emily Kindl
December 8, 2016

Every day she checks on her pets. She makes sure they have food and water, and plenty of love and care. But unlike other families, she owns more than just...

Song of the Week: Animals

Song of the Week: Animals

By Courtney Thomas
October 6, 2014
“Animals” by Maroon 5 is the number one song on their new album “V” which was released Sept. 2. The song itself is very catchy and has taken the radios by storm. The music video for “Animals” has received quite a bit of criticism from sexual assault groups for being dehumanizing to women and making violence look like something fun. I watched the video, and while it does not stray away from the theme of stalking, it does not encourage it either. Most music videos today are shying away from being appropriate and artists are branching out with their music videos to keep up with today’s society. “Animals” is number four on iTunes and is 33 on the US Billboard Hot 100.
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