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 Karen Reyes-Villanueva and fellow senior Sahana Rajagopalan at a NHS event. (K. Reyes-Villanueva)

Leading NHS after the drought

Junior Karen Reyes-Villanueva gets elected as Vice President of National Honors Society for her second year.
By Zoe Hurmi
October 24, 2022

With the blue screen staring back at her, senior Karen Reyes-Villanueva hovered over the "Join Meeting" button. This was Reyes-Villanueva's first year...

Quarantined student sit in bed, staring at this screen, in hopes of eventually being let into their Zoom classes.

Zoom protocols look different for every class

Time spent on Zoom is different for every student as quarantine numbers are rising.
By Amanda Sarrol
January 17, 2022

Since school started back in August, students who are quarantined due to the coronavirus use Zoom in order to stay on top of their school work.  “I...

Courtesy of Maria Loiseau

Online learning strikes

Students feel like they are not getting enough resources when quarantined
By Maria Loiseau
October 19, 2021

After only a few months back to in-person learning, many students are experiencing online learning once again. Even with the rules and regulations Huntley...

Image Courtesy of A. Zenaty

Zoom rules should stay strict

By Austin Zenaty
January 12, 2021

Some people do not like having their cameras on during a zoom call. I am one of them because I am a person that does not like to show myself.  Most teachers...

Courtesy of Tamera Wyman

The Zoology Club continues to share exotic animals through Zoom.

By Jacey Sola, Staff Writer
December 18, 2020

The Zoology Club, sponsored by science teacher, Tamera Wyman, and Kathleen Henn, is still continuing to show and teach students about many exotic animals...

A. Zenaty

How Zoom affects students with IEPs and test accommodations

By Austin Zenaty
October 7, 2020

Students who normally have Individualized Education Programs or 504 plans have testing accommodations. The accommodations allow for them to get their tests...

S. Laput

Parents rally for reopening plan at BOE meeting

By Amelia Pozniak and Ellie Armstrong
September 18, 2020

Parent Dana Wiley sits in the second row of the District Office’s meeting room. Wearing a black mask and a Huntley Raiders sweatshirt, she listens as...

K. Bjurstrom

Is Zoom really the best option?

By Kimberlynn Bjurstrom
April 26, 2020

From the comfort of her pajamas, in the warmth of her own basement, sophomore Ally Braaten is able to simply turn on her Chromebook’s webcam and be immersed...

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