Online learning strikes

Students feel like they are not getting enough resources when quarantined

Courtesy of Maria Loiseau

Courtesy of Maria Loiseau

By Maria Loiseau

After only a few months back to in-person learning, many students are experiencing online learning once again. Even with the rules and regulations Huntley High School follows, there are still many students who are contracting COVID-19 or came in contact and are required to quarantine. 

Many students feel as though they are not getting enough help and resources from their teachers while they are at home. “School is draining enough, but with E-learning and trying to figure it out yourself, you don’t have that hands-on direction, that was draining and frustrating,” junior Joi Deleon said. “It just made things emotionally, academically, and mentally hard in a way”. 

For teachers, they are trying to do as much as possible to make this situation less draining for the students. When students are in quarantine, they come back within a day or two because of a valid vaccine card, or a negative COVID-19 test. 

“Typically, the way that it has happened is when I find out about it, they usually come back the next day anyways. So I haven’t really even had the ability to send anything home to [students] because they’ve been back already,” history teacher Todd Swartzloff said.

 Swartzloff explains that in most of these situations he will sit down with the student after they are back, review the class work they did, and keep moving forward. However, there are still cases where a student is gone for a week, or possibly the full two weeks. These cases are the most stressful.

Not until recently were teachers required to have a constant open Zoom meeting for those students who are quarantined. “Dr. Belin put a rule out there that when students are quarantined you have to have your Zoom open,” teacher Matthew Banas said. “It’s similar to what we did back in remote learning, and that’s how we moved after  that decision was made,” Banas said.

With these requirements set for teachers, there should be a change with the stress levels of students who are required to work from home. It is an important job for the teachers, as well as the students, to hold each other accountable for how seriously they are taking online learning when the time comes.