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Many students believe that hiring more counselors would be beneficial to the student body.

Short staffed or overworked?

Students experience difficulties meeting with counselors for a variety of reasons.
By Connor Considine
January 23, 2023

You are preparing for the second semester, and you have most of your classes set up how you want them for spring. But then, you notice that an elective...

Jette waits patiently in the P-Z pod for students to visit her.

Having a ‘ruff’ day? Huntley’s therapy dogs have your back

Check out Huntley's downstairs pods for some animal support.
By Amelia Pozniak
November 10, 2021

You walk down the hallway after your fourthp eriod class. In the chaos of it all, you notice a medium-sized ball of fur sitting obediently in the P-Z pod,...

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