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Teacher’s We Love – Mr. Lachel

Lachel stands with fellow students (B. Walker)

Huntley High School history department teacher Erik Lachel leaves a huge impact on many of his students, I interviewed him to find out more about this teacher we love.

I decided to teach because …  

“I dropped out of high school and began to work because my [war veteran] father was sick due to Agent Orange. After later finishing school, I decided that I wanted to help kids who were struggling and contemplating dropping out and make a difference,” Lachel said.

The thing I enjoy most about teaching is …

“Corrupting my students,” Lachel said simply stated with a grin.  “I learn from them too, I really enjoy working with my students and watching them grow as people.”

My best teaching experience was …

“One of my students originally got a 19 on the reading section of her ACT, after studying with me for a while, by the time she retook it, she scored a 26,” Lachel said. “But that’s a small success. Most major successes come years later when my previous students email me or inbox me on facebook and tell me how well they’re doing or express how much I helped them. That always feels good,” Lachel said with a smile.

The most daring thing I’ve ever done was …

“My sophomore year in high school, one of my friends and I drove from Chicago to Daytona Beach, FL. When I called and told my mother where I was, she ordered a plane ticket the next day, however, I found a dog and took it home with me and I named it Daytona,” Lachel said. “Also, I helped move a friend to Washington state and decided I wasn’t ready to come home yet so I tried to get a job at a ski resort which unfortunately only hired international citizens. I then hitchhiked from downtown Washington to Steven’s pass mountain [that’s an hour and forty-three minute drive].”

What motivates me to work hard is …

Lachel leads by stating “I don’t want to disappoint my father who passed away due to agent orange, but also I am a natural go-getter I don’t want disappoint myself or those who depend on me, like my family and my students”. 

What makes me laugh the most is …

“Watching the presidential debate,” Lachel said. “[Also], my son Evan, and watching the things he does and says gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.”

What really makes me angry is …

“EXCUSES! When people create mental crutches [reasons as to why they can’t do something] to exacerbate [explain] their failures,” Lachel said. 

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