Teacher talk with Collin Kalamatas


Courtesy of Collin Kalamatas

By Kayla Sweeney

As most know, students have not been able to do in-person learning at Huntley High School this year. This has been incredibly difficult for students for so many different reasons. Whether that difficulty is missing the social aspect or not being able to learn without being face to face, students have been struggling. 

However, students are not the only ones who are having a hard time, the staff is as well. They miss seeing students in the classroom just as much as students miss being in the classroom. We have a much harder time getting to know our staff/students from not being in school this year, so hopefully, this teacher talk can let us get to know an awesome teacher at our amazing school! 

Today’s teacher talk is on Collin Kalamatas, a physical education teacher. Kalamatas teaches Team Sports Blended and Recreational Sports Blended for juniors and seniors only. He has been teaching for 11 years in the district, he taught for 6 years at Marlowe Middle School and 5 years at Huntley High School. He attended HHS himself and then Northern Illinois and got a degree in Physical Education. 

Kalamatas has a wife and 2 children; Adelyn who is 2 and Calvin who is 4! His favorite activities are spending time with his kids and staying active especially outside. His favorite hobby is golfing, which is why he also coaches the boys golf team here at HHS. 

“15 to 20 teachers who taught me while I was a student here at Huntley are still here and I get to teach with them,” Kalamatas said.

He loves teaching here at Huntley and wants to continue teaching! The hardest part about being fully remote for Kalamatas is not being able to see and connect with the students at HHS. 

“Trying to get students to buy into the learning of physical education since we aren’t doing any real games only online assignments, it is hard to get students to engage,” Kalamatas said. 

He is an amazing teacher here at Huntley who truly cares about students and what he is teaching.