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Adding to Math Team’s leadership

Math Team coach Anne Price leads the team with positivity and strengthens her classes with different learning techniques.
Courtesy of Anne Price
Anne Price standing in her Math Team quarter-zip jacket.

Every Tuesday students get together for a Math Team meeting; the team meets once a week for a little over an hour. They separate by grade level and work together to come up with solutions to challenging problems. 

Anne Price is one of the two coaches along with Laura Jenkins. 

There are many reasons why Price enjoys math, but she was not always so good at it. When she was a student. it didn’t always come easy to her. She normally had to work extra hard to understand the material. 

She has taught at Huntley for 19 years and teaches PreCalculus, Calculus, and Algebra II

“I’ve never been an advanced learner,” Price said. “Education-wise, I had to put in a lot more time and work to make something make sense in my brain than for another student.”

In the classroom, Price tries to be a joyous teacher and tries her best to help students understand the units and objectives. She knows from experience that it does not always come easy for every student, so she uses different strategies and approaches to one problem. 

“I have to teach students at different levels,” Price said. “Like when a student is not understanding something I think about how I could break it down into smaller informational chunks that can be [better] understood.”

Taking new and different approaches to math problems is a part of the Math Team as well. 

“I was supposed to start during the year of COVID and it didn’t happen because it was a hot mess,” Price said. “I joined the team right after that, so [in] 2021.”

Price has been one of the coaches for three years now. She says that anyone is open to joining the team. 

“It’s helpful to be in the honors level math and typically [be] accelerated to at least Geometry as a freshman,” Jenkins said. “We have kids in traditional that join too but it may be more challenging.”

They have less competitions than a regular sports team, but they are still very competitive and try their absolute best. 

“We usually have about four to five competitions throughout the year before we get to regionals and state” Price said. 

Math Team is not answering questions in front of a crowd like normally seen in movies but it is more about test taking. 

“It’s not like you’re answering random questions in front of a huge crowd,” junior Sara Willis said. “You just take a test and they do awards at the end.”

Price has been a great addition to the team and has loved every part of it so far. 

“She’s my BFF,” Jenkins said. “I asked her to join and she said yes, which made me so happy.”

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