Creating a Leader

Tyler Killian reflects on his years of high school and how he has grown.


Courtesy of Tyler Killian

Killian became a physical education leader for underclassmen to look to as they enter high school.

By Bailey Lim

Passing through the years of his high school life, senior Tyler Killian grows and enjoys the process of maturing alongside his peers. Killian progresses through high school as the average student, finding more activities that have shaped him into the person he is today. He has devoted his high school years to meeting new friends, playing volleyball, working a part-time job, and being a leader.

Being a leader can require specific natural characteristics from someone. After persevering through his own struggles in his current academic career, he has awoken the drive of becoming a gym leader for underclassmen to look up to.

“Confidence and determination were the main things that helped me become a good leader,” Killian said.

Understanding the point of view of the youth can be viewed as one of the more challenging obstacles to overcome in the eyes of a leader. The way a student perceives an individual as an inspiration is a key factor in becoming a successful leader. 

“Tyler was always a great inspiration and an important figure in my progression in school activities,” junior Miguel Pagcaliwagan said.

Killian has always been perceived as one of the more upbeat and positive inspirations in others’ lives throughout his years of high school. Friends have always seen him as someone fun and enjoyable to be around. Fellow volleyball teammate and close friend, senior Eli Gallaugher, has watched as Killian blossomed into the figure he is now.

“He has grown to be more friendly and colorful with his personality as he got older,” Gallaugher said. 

Not giving up is an important step in assuring a bright future. Attitude towards others and the perception of life itself were important factors for Killian as he grew up. He has taught himself to assure others enjoyment and entertainment whilst experiencing the average high school life. 

“I found it important to make sure others around me are enjoying themselves more than achieving absolute happiness. The effort put into the progression from my peers was what drove me to want to continue being a leader,” Killian said.

Inspirations are a key component of everyone’s lives and it is proven how much they can affect one’s life by Huntley’s students.