A Leader in the Making: A glimpse into the Junior Class Representative

By Ally Jorgensen

The room is almost silent. Chatter among the circular tables is soft and discreet. Suddenly, the gavel hits, and the room is still.

 “I call this meeting to order at 7:06 am.”

The Student Council Executive Board meets every Thursday morning to sit down, discuss, and plan our school events. Ryan Meister, student council president, starts every meeting by calling upon all positions of the council.

First, he calls on the Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Public Relations, and other members. Then the student class representatives share their announcements. They are in charge of big things like dances and other school events.  

Veronica Kucharczyk, the Junior Class Representative, is very important when it comes to Prom. Even as Homecoming is wrapping up, she is already super excited to start planning. 

Kucharczyk joined Student Council her freshman year and has loved it ever since. She is also an active member of the math team. As the junior class representative, she is in charge of recruiting new members, telling the Junior Class what is going on, and planning Prom. 

“It’s a lot of fun,” Kucharczyk said. 

Kucharczyk always knew that she wanted to be on the executive board, so she figured a class representative would be a fun stepping stone onto bigger things. Coincidentally enough, she was the only one to run for the position, so she got exactly what she wanted. 

“So far, she has been doing just fine. Her responsibilities will really take hold next semester as we start planning Prom,” Faculty Advisor Maggie Fulling said. 

In the future, Kucharczyk plans to move up in the student council executive board ranks. She is planning on running for either Student Council President or Vice President. If she is not able to do those, she plans on continuing as the Senior Class Representative.