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Sarah Jakubek wrapping a football players leg on the sidelines.

Rehabilitation, resilience, patience

Huntley’s athletic trainer, Sarah Jakubek, embodies these characteristics when getting athletes back to season.
By Emily Galicki
October 19, 2023

It’s 1 p.m. on a Friday afternoon and Huntley’s athletic trainer walks into the building to start her day. It’s not just any regular day. It’s...

The Huntley varsity basketball team in a huddle talk about how to best work together on the court.

Shooting for the stars

The Huntley High School girls basketball team’s teamwork and quick adjustments secured them a win against Boylan Catholic High School in their first game of the season
By Prianca Waters
November 17, 2022

Now that her team is in possession of the ball, she slows down, switching from defense to offense. She looks at her teammates and passes the ball to the...

Junior Olivia Schramm isnt just a Raider Nation Leader, shes also a Link Crew Coordinator, NHS member, and dancer.

Raider Nation’s Olivia Schramm leads the way

Senior RNL brings positive vibes and school pride everywhere she goes
By Karolina Perkowski
October 6, 2022

Fall sports are back at Huntley High School. Students are excited to attend all sporting events and dress up in the planned themes. With that being said,...

The makings of a coach

The makings of a coach

By Owen Zimmerman, Staffer
February 4, 2021

Huntley’s beloved football and track coach Michael Naymola has always had a love for athletics. As he aged his passion for sports and the strategy that...

The new life of our athletic director

The new life of our athletic director

By Alyssa Borring, Floating Editor
October 29, 2020

The start of this school year has been like no other, especially when it comes to athletics. Athletes have to wear masks unless they can properly distance...

Courtesy of Erik Lachel

Boys wrestling state recap

By Emma Gribbens
March 13, 2020

As the boys state wrestlers got ready for their upcoming team state meet, they held their heads high and kept a positive mindset about the upcoming match....

Whats in my water?

What’s in my water?

By Ruhi Gulati
March 11, 2020

On Oct. 7, 2019, during a hot, sunny day reaching the upper 70s, varsity girls tennis 1 Doubles player Michelle Barnvos grabs her towel from the bench...

Devotion On & Off the Field

Devotion On & Off the Field

By Ryder Shepardson
January 16, 2020

Most athletes receive the opportunity to play at the varsity level as a senior. Some, if they’re lucky a junior. But at 16 years old, sophomore Austin...

N. VonderHeide

Friday the 13th has nothing on Huntley football

By Emmy Cohen
September 14, 2019

As the Red Raiders walked onto the field, a sense of determination filled the air. The game against Prairie Ridge ended 28-24 with Huntley emerging victorious...

Senior Katlyn Leubke is a coach at Flight Club Power Tumbling and Trampoline (M. Krebs).

Taking flight

By Holly Baldacci
December 18, 2012
When senior Katlyn Leubke walks into the bright, white, airy gym of Flight Club Power Tumbling & Trampoline, her favorite sound to hear is the clear ringing of a loud, cheery bell.
Lacrosse popularity on the rise

Lacrosse popularity on the rise

By Megan Wilson
May 4, 2012

  A 5-year-old walks onto a field in New Jersey, stick in hand with gear too heavy for his body; he is about to play his first game of lacrosse....

Atheletic Director Bruce Blumer is introduced at Boys basketball Senior Night (M. Krebs).

The blooming of a new era

By Marek Makowski
February 23, 2012

Athletic Director Bruce Blumer’s room is filled with plenty of things to see. Look to the right and you see photos of various Huntley High School...

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