Raider Nation’s Olivia Schramm leads the way

Senior RNL brings positive vibes and school pride everywhere she goes


Courtesy of Olivia Schramm

Junior Olivia Schramm isn’t just a Raider Nation Leader, she’s also a Link Crew Coordinator, NHS member, and dancer.

By Karolina Perkowski

Fall sports are back at Huntley High School. Students are excited to attend all sporting events and dress up in the planned themes. With that being said, that means Raider Nation is back!

Olivia Schramm is a new member of Raider Nation for the 2022-2023 school year and is ready to cheer on all of HHS. 

Being a Raider Nation leader is a big commitment, as they are expected to go to all sporting events and have a positive attitude toward everyone. 

“She wants every student in this entire building to feel accepted and to create this inclusive atmosphere and I think that’s what makes Olivia a perfect role model to what Raider Nation should be,” Raider Nation coordinator Bradley Aney said. 

Schramm tries her best to be friends with everyone and make everyone around her have a smile on their faces. 

“She’s kind, caring, and responsible and keeps us all in check and is a great role model for the students,” senior Luke Griskey said. 

She wants to make a difference in her time left in high school by attending sporting events students typically may not attend. She wants to put herself out there and be the bigger person, making sure no students feel unappreciated.

“There are other clubs, athletics, and organizations at HHS that may not receive the recognition they deserve, so I really want to encourage students to attend all different events to show our support for the entire HHS community,”  Schramm said. 

As a Raider Nation leader, one can’t be shy. They need to put in the energy and effort by showing it at the games being attended. Schramm never fails to live up to the role she plays. 

“She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to put herself out there, and be everyone’s biggest cheerleader,” senior Avary DeBlieck. 

She doesn’t care who a person is or what they do, she will cheer for them and their team no matter what. Schramm doesn’t have the heart to judge anyone. She is by everyone’s side, supporting them. 

She doesn’t do it for the joy of herself. She is a Raider Nation leader because she knows she is in high school for a good time and to spread positivity to everyone around her. 

“Olivia is one of the most enthusiastic and upbeat human beings I have ever met, every single thing she does at this school is not done with the expectation of being in the spotlight, it is truly because she loves everything this school has to offer,” Aney said. 

She wants to leave a legacy at the school for everything she is doing and has done at HHS. She’s not afraid to be involved. 

As Schramm said, “I hope I’m making you all proud.”