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Girls bowling beats Grayslake Central

Girls bowling beats Grayslake Central

The sound of falling pins and cheering parents ricochets off the walls. The scent of Pine Sol fills the air. Freshman Kaitlyn Clutter approaches her lane slowly, holding the ball close to her chest. She takes a few steps while swinging her arm back in one swift motion. She projects her arm forward, releasing the ball, ending with her right leg crossed behind her left. The ball quickly approaches its rival, the pins.

On Tuesday Dec. 9, the Girls Bowling team defeated Grayslake Central two games to one. In result, their record improved to 2-1. Senior Megan Sass was the night’s top bowler. Even though the team plays competitively, several of the girls are simply members because it is enjoyable. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, being a part of the bowling team is not as lame as it may seem.

“Don’t think it’s nerdy,” said sophomore Hailie Nosek. “It’s a lot of fun.”

The Girls Bowling team does not discriminate based on how well you can bowl. The main goal is to have fun, and if they win a few games along the way, that is a bonus. They hold try-outs every November, which are open to all students.

“It’s for anyone,” said Clutter. “Even if you bowl a 70, you can still join.”

In order to prepare for each game, the girls play a few practice games against their opponents. Playing a few games beforehand gives them an idea of how skilled their competitors are. According to Nosek, stretching her arm and hoping for the best is how she warms up before each game. Clutter performs similar regimens.

“Just make sure you’re in a good mindset,” said Clutter.

The Bowling season has just started and they have several games left. Unfortunately, they are a highly underrated team, despite their record. It appears that they have a successful future ahead of them.


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