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Paintball is back and here to stay


The Paintball Club needs members to help spread the word so other students can participate in a fun activity that will help them gain leadership skills, and also have a great experience meeting new people while doing something that students enjoy.

“The two students that started the club are developing leadership skills just on accident and through the course of the process,” said Gerard Marchand, leader of the club.

Freshmen Justin Andolino and Justin Chan went to Marchand to talk to him about continuing the Paintball Club, even though the club had failed to draw student participants two years in a row, prior to this year.

The Paintball Club  is mainly student driven with little extra help from Marchand and Terrence Tuoc.

According to Marchand, during the first year of the Paintball Club, only seven students showed up to the meeting.  The year after, there were no students interested in the club at all.

Surprisingly, 31 students came to the first meeting on Dec. 16.  The club is hitting its peak in membership and is moving forward with making plans.

The club hopes to schedule an indoor field trip for February 8 or the 15.

Members of the club will go paintballing at Paintball Explosion in East Dundee or CPX in Melrose Park.

The cost of the club will depend on what paintball gear the player needs to participate.  For players that do not own their own paintball gear, the cost may be greater.  According to Marchand, the price ranges anywhere from $30-$60.

For students to participate in the Paintball Club, a permission slip is required to be completed by a student’s parent or guardian prior to participating in the club.

Marchand and Tuoc are the go-to-teachers if students are interested in participating in this adrenaline-pumping club, or if they just have any questions concerning the Paintball Club.

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