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Varsity boys LAX against rivals Jacobs High School


Huntley High School was once again home to a famous rivalry that all students know. That rivalry continues to be between Huntley and Jacobs High School. Within the home stands at Huntley, many Jacobs fans were cheering on their friends loudly, and the Huntley fans seemed to be cheering more as the players in black with an eagle ran onto the field, as the players in red ran behind them. The players went to their designated areas on the field, as the game began at 7:30 p.m.

Right from the start of faceoff between Huntley and Jacobs, Jacobs got the ball through a perfect scoop. Immediately after, senior Nicholas Bertone scored and led the Golden Eagles 1-0.

The Red Raiders soon also started to pick up the ball and move to the Golden Eagles goal. Many shots on goal were made, especially by juniors James Huber and Michael Nigro. All of the sudden, the Red Raiders scored, making the score 1-1.

That tie though, would not last long at all. Huntley had a very good offensive team, however, they would become too distracted and too slow for the Jacobs team. As the ball fell after a Huntley-won faceoff, led the way for junior Matt Bertone to score for Jacobs leaving a score of 2-1.

Jacobs immediately after was a force that could not be stopped as a majority of the game was held in the Huntley goal box. As that time in the goal box grew, Jacobs scored their third goal by seinor Brian Ta. Leaving a score of 3-1. The Red Raiders, still distracted, scored a goal by junior Griffin Epp. Leaving Huntley on a slow catch up to Jacobs with a score of 3-2.

That was the end of the first quarter of the game, and overall Jacobs was the faster team who always had the ball, and worked their way to the goal at all times. However, Huntley was not as fast as Jacobs was.

Huntley had a chance to come back in the second quarter of the game, but all of the sudden, the lights could not get turned on for the field, and the game was cancelled. Players on both sides threw their lacrosse sticks into the air in despair, and both teams walked off the field to greet their parents or supportive friends.

It is evident that if the game were to continue into the second half, that Jacobs would have won. Jacobs was the faster team that Huntley could not keep up with.

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