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Driver’s ed needs to have more cars available

Drivers ed needs to have more cars available

Over 2,750 students fill the halls of Huntley high school, about a quarter of them sophomores. As required by state, these students are put into driver’s education classes. If old enough, freshmen can jump in, but only outside of school. Huntley has its rules.

“I feel like they teach us a lot more than what’s inside the book,” said sophomore Marina Cuellar.

With a quarter of the school learning to drive throughout the year, it may be surprising to hear there are only three driver’s education cars to share. Three?

“I think they could do with two more cars,” says Cuellar.

Not to mention there aren’t that many teachers for these students because these teachers also split their times between teaching drivers education and gym.

With the recent construction and additions, many may say the school can’t afford it.

“They could afford it if they plan accordingly,” said Cuellar.

Planning is really all it takes.

What’s the problem exactly? There is a huge time crush for students to get their behind-the-wheel time in during school, that class particularly. Three cars and 45 minutes can only give so much for each class.

“There are less kids going out and driving,” said Cuellar.

Getting into these classes is hard enough with the sign-up rush.

Have no fear though, many can take the driver’s education over the summer. The rush has passed, so if you’re in need of this class, sadly you’re too late.

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