“Wild Horses” is the newest party hit


Bishop Briggs poses for a picture (Courtesy of Facebook).

By Courtney Thomas

British singer, Bishop Briggs, has been just a song away from launching her career and “Wild Horses” may have done just that for her. From Bishopbriggs, Scotland, the singer started her career in a Tokyo karaoke bar. “Wild Horses” was released in 2015 and served as her debut song. The song was heard by the masses in an Acura commercial in 2015. The song’s music video features old quarter merry-go-rounds that you used to find outside of grocery stores and a lot of psychedelic editing. It also is filmed like a home movie, giving it a very weird feeling that I can’t quite give a name to. Nonetheless, the song is one the catchiest that I have heard recently, and is number one in my playlist.