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Huntley’s Hidden Athletes – Emma Konie

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Huntley’s Hidden Athletes – Emma Konie

Riy Walker

Emma Started playing volleyball at 10 years old, volleyball was not her first choice originally. At first Emma tried gymnastics and then softball then she finally tried volley. “At my first season of club I fell in love with the sport” Konie said.

With being the only freshman on varsity emma was really nervous. “I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because I’m new, but the tam was really inviting and welcoming to me.” With being a freshman and making varsity emma was extremely nervous about how the team would take to her. “I don’t think I could have had a better team to come into for my first year playing at Huntley” Konie said. “Aleah was and is really supportive of me and she has helped me become a lot more confident on the court” With the support of her teammates emma was able to become more comfortable with playing on varsity and being more confident on the court.

Practices are 5 days a week unless they have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Managing school work and practice may be stressful. “Sometimes it makes for a long day, but if I make sure I use all of my class time to do work, then it’s a lot easier to handle the workload” Konie said.

The support that Konie receives from her friends and family is amazing. “My family is always cheering me on and supporting me and my thema no matter what. My friends are also very supportive and they come to my games whenever they can” Konie enjoys all the support.

Konie plans on continuing volleyball throughout high school and maybe even college.

“My plan is to play all four years of high school. And Terms of playing in college, of the right opportunity comes along, then I would love to play in the future.” Emma plans to keep working on her craft and becoming a better player and a better teammate.

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Huntley’s Hidden Athletes – Emma Konie